WANG Yahui 王雅慧

WANG Yahui turns imageries of contemporary life into micro cosmoses and herself an astronomer observing the hidden relationship between nature and all living things.


WANG Yahui
LU Liang 陸亮

LU Liang's paintings have very strong narrative quality and at the same time implicate powerful emotions beneath their quiet appearances.


LU Liang
LEE An-cheng 李安成

Through the blending interaction of water and ink on paper, and the synergistic play between broad and narrow brushes, he internalized nature into a landscape image merging figuration and abstraction.


LEE An-cheng
JENG Jundian 鄭君殿

JENG Jundian's elegant and simple fragments of color lines recall the flowing contours in portrait sketches as well as the lines created by the cun method in Chinese ink painting.


JENG Jundian
Lalan 謝景蘭

Standing between two great cultures of Chinese and France, Lalan created splendid paintings that blended the Western abstraction and Chinese landscape.


CHENG Po-Tsung 鄭帛囪

CHENG Po-Tsung’s small “Untitled” drawings are his visual diary, describing his personal feelings and documenting the journey in his inner world.


CHENG Po-Tsung
CHI Ming 遲明

With excellent skill and dense emotions, CHI Ming captures the young generation of contemporary China to which himself belongs.


CHI Ming
HSIUNG Ping-Ming 熊秉明

Hsiung Ping-Ming was a sculptor, calligrapher, and art critic, who was born in China and lived and worked in Paris for most of his professional life.


HSIUNG Ping-Ming
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