Michael LIN 林明弘

His installations are environments or aesthetic slices of life that invite the viewer to share the space of art and architecture in socially contemplative ways.


Michael LIN
CAI Guo-Qiang 蔡國強

Gunpowder is one of CAI Guo-Qiang's major materials. The precarious agent manifests the artist's connection to Chinese culture in many aspects.


CAI Guo-Qiang
David DIAO 刁德謙

David DIAO came to create conceptual painting that is emblematized and features intellectual debate and self-reflexive qualities.


David DIAO
LIU Xiaodong 劉小東

LIU Xiaodong explores the mindsets of his target figures and is well versed in representing their diversified postures of existence in society and nature.


LIU Xiaodong
Fu-sheng KU 顧福生

Exploring the meaning of life, Fu-sheng KU's creation centers around "man" as a vital subject, so that his oeuvre can be associated with modernist and existentialist philosophy.


Fu-sheng KU
GUO Wen-Shyang 郭文祥

Intrigued by Kafka’s work during his sojourn in France, Guo began exploring the notion of metamorphoses through his prints.


GUO Wen-Shyang
WONG Hoy Cheong 黃海昌

WONG Hoy Cheong has sought to disturb our sense of security, reminding us of the slipperiness that lies between fact and fiction, past and present, and the perpetual reinvention of our own histories.


WONG Hoy Cheong
LIN Yan 林延

LIN Yan, with xuan paper and ink as her major materials, creates installations and painting sculptures equipped with architectural characters.


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