One Piece

As 2024 unfolds, ESLITE GALLERY proudly presents One Piece, an extraordinary exhibition showcasing selections from its extensive collection. The exhibition spans a broad chronological spectrum, featuring works from as early as CHAO Chung Hsiang’s (1910-1991) The mountain rain is imminent in 1953, to the contemporary 2021 work on paper, which blends wrestling motifs with traditional Japanese painting techniques, by Japanese artist Hiroyuki MORI (1982-). A wide range of mediums—sketching, oil, mixed media, photography, and sculpture—are represented, including Himitsu, a male portrait that delves into the theme of intimacy by Japanese photographer Sakiko NOMURA (1967-), alongside portraits by “Old Wizard” Max LIU (1912-2002).

  • Exhibition Period:6 January - 3 February 2024
  • Address:ESLITE GALLERY ∣ B1, No. 88, Yanchang Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110055, Taiwan

Since its inception in 1989, ESLITE GALLERY has amassed a substantial and diverse art collection. The One Piece exhibition not only provides a unique opportunity to revisit these works with fresh perspectives but also serves as a means to contextualize the gallery’s remarkable collection. As we enter the new year, a curated selection of artworks will be showcased in two distinct phases.

The first phase highlights works centered around the themes of people and living creatures. Artists showcased include LIN Yuan, Max LIU, CHEN Lai-hsing, HUANG Jyi, Wan-chun WANG, SZETO Keung, REN Rong, GUO Wen-Shyang, LIU Shih-Fen, as well as Japanese artists Sakiko NOMURA, Toshiyuki KONISHI, and Hiroyuki MORI. The exhibits in this phase will be open for viewing from January 6 to February 3.

LIN Yuan (1913-1991), a self-taught artist who gained prominence in the 1980s, transitioned to art after retiring from farming. He enjoyed creating stone carvings and paintings, describing his work as “non-partisan and independent thinking.” His art was simple and rustic, imbued with childlike wonder. CHEN Lai-hsing’s (1949-) artwork is a poetic homage to the land, reflecting on the living conditions amidst societal transformations. A prime example of this is the featured painting Vineyard (1981). Wan-Chun WANG (1956-) captures a profound sense of emptiness in his paintings, frequently positioning figures in subtle corners and depicting them with exceptional skill. LIU Shih-Fen (1964-), drawing from her nursing background, integrates her understanding of pathology into her artistic expression, as she explores themes like life, gender, and desire. A notable example is her Clinical Path of Sphinx series (2005). GUO Wen-Shyang (1966- ), an adept storyteller through imagery, has honed his skills in sketching, pottery, film, and printmaking in Europe. His metal intaglio pieces, showcased in 2017, are distinguished by their intricate linework and vivid colors.

The second phase of the exhibition mainly features landscape and abstract works. Artists showcased include CHAO Chung Hsiang, Wan-Chun WANG, CHU Che Liang, KUO Chuan Chiu, TUNG Hsin Ru, YANG Jeong-Dih, Jennifer Wen MA, Ngan Leong CHEUNG, LEE Ai chen, ZENG Yiting, and Swiss artist Nicole DUFOUR. Artworks in this phase will be on view from February 17 to March 30.

KUO Chuan Chiu (1958-) employs a technique of layering fine, repeated dots in her paintings, creating a dynamic interplay of light and shadow. Her work Four Seasons (Sketch) (1984) featured in the exhibition offers insight into the early development of her distinctive style. CHU Che Liang (1961- ) is known for his exploration of abstract art, utilizing mediums such as oil, acrylic, or printmaking in his creations. TUNG Hsin Ru (1964-) creates paintings that delve into a diverse exploration of self-imagined spaces. Printmaker YANG Jeong-Dih (1966-) and painter Ngan Leong CHEUNG (1988-) frequently incorporate relatable themes in their works, transforming them into timeless and deeply meaningful images. Jennifer Wen MA’s (1973-) Dodo with One Hundred Meeps Walking Through the Desert in Five Movements is printed with ink on aluminum plates. It depicts a young girl in a white skirt wandering through the desert, holding 100 white balloons. The stark contrast between her bright attire and the dark desert backdrop, enhanced by ink-wash techniques, conjures a distinct and ethereal image.

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