Imagine a future where computers possess human-like cognition and awareness. Does it paint a picture of a cyborg utopia? Or perhaps an apocalyptic end of civilization? Comics and anime, an integral part of today's pop culture, reflect current trends and ideologies. So, how do you perceive the future? Do you embrace it with open arms? Or do you worry about being replaced by machines?

ESLITE GALLERY is delighted to present the ANIMAMIX 2023 starting August 12. A total of 14 Asian artists are invited to depict their visions of the nexus between the virtual and the real.

  • Opening: August 12, 2023丨3-5pm
  • Date: August 12 – September 9, 2023
  • Curator: Eric LAI
  • Artists: Austin TZENG, Cowper WANG, HO Li, 57, Sangna Take, Pu CHEN, Laba, HUANG Yuan, Abei LIU, Umao, Masanori USHIKI, Kotaro TSUDA, Hiroyuki MORI, Taichi YOSHIMURA
  • Address: ESLITE GALLERY∣B1, No. 88, Yanchang Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110055, Taiwan (eslite spectrum Songyan Store)
  • Opening Hours: 11am-7pm, Tuesday– Saturday (closed on Sunday and Monday)

Comics and anime thrive on the essence of fiction, enabling creators to transcend time and space to construct unique fantasy worlds. Pu CHEN gathers his creative sparks from nature and uses digital programming to create virtual lifeforms brimming with organic lexicon, quietly traversing different media. Raised in a generation that grew up with digital pets, Austin TZENG wishes for a future free from the fear of loneliness—he transforms childhood memories into cyborgs that promise eternal companionship. HO Li explores how people interpret inferiority, self-indulgence, and self-restraint in reality, gradually shedding their human nature and transforming into demonic entities, echoing a contemporary Metamorphosis. Japanese artist Taichi YOSHIMURA converts street graffiti found on Google Earth into wooden sculptures and marks their geographical coordinates. Graffiti from various locations are instantly summoned, creating a surreal yet realistic illusion that captivates viewers.

The end of the world triggers collective anxiety, and through desires, people search for a shared belief. They find solace in "object love", a way of connecting with the world. Cowper WANG's Beautiful Losers series uses videos to transform old collectibles into beautiful symbols, documenting consumer obsessions and the pursuit of validation. Sangna Take conjures up a Pokémon-themed haute couture show. From Chanel to Balenciaga, from Muk to Poliwrath, it bridges the gap between pop culture and anime, showing that fashion can also evoke a cute and adorable vibe. Laba's obsession is with "love" itself. He crafts a pink utopia where deities and demons coexist, granting all the lover seekers to find everlasting love. Abei LIU's Re. series uses second-hand T-shirts to respond to the subculture scene at the end of the last century. These T-shirts act as conduits connecting like-minded individuals seeking collective belonging.

Meanwhile, other artists excel in observing life and garnering inspiration from the mundane. 57 has created many large street murals. His creativity stems from inspiration in daily life, as he uses bold brushstrokes to create unique mythical creature gardens. HUANG Yuan anthropomorphizes his three cats, skillfully using fluid ink lines to portray their feelings across comfort zones. Masanori USHIKI has a knack for blending elements in comics and fashion, presenting them in a colorful mix of whimsical and quirky visuals. Hiroyuki MORI, a passionate wrestling fan, employs traditional Japanese painting techniques to capture the exciting moments of wrestling matches. Umao from Japan uses simple blocks of colors and shapes to depict adorable animals filled with childlike wonder. Kotaro TSUDA's inspiration comes from Japanese tokusatsu films, as he portrays scenes of monsters wreaking havoc in cities, infused with a nostalgic feel.

Join us at ESLITE GALLERY as 14 artists view the world through their unique lenses. You are cordially invited to immerse in their latest creations this August.

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