ESLITE GALLERY is delighted to present a solo exhibition by Japanese artist Ryo SHINAGAWA in May. This is his first solo exhibition in Taipei that showcases his artistic journey across a multitude of series and his profound contemplations on painting. SHINAGAWA draws inspiration from the rich heritage of Japanese painting, infusing his works with elements rooted in Oriental painting techniques. Imbued with a deep reverence for traditional culture, he persistently embarks on a quest to redefine the contours of contemporary painting as he perpetually explores its boundless possibilities. This exhibition features 22 paintings, each revealing intriguing facets, from symbolic depictions to abstract lines that embody flowers, birds, and plants.

  • Exhibition Period:27 May - 24 June 2023
  • Address:ESLITE GALLERY ∣ B1, No. 88, Yanchang Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110055, Taiwan

Born in Osaka in 1987, Ryo SHINAGAWA graduated from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts at Kyoto University of the Arts in 2014, specializing in Japanese Painting. Continuing his dedication to the craft, he earned his master's degree in painting from the same university in 2016. During his studies, he had the opportunity to study as an exchange student at HEAD - Genève in Switzerland, where he expanded his horizons on the diverse representations of traditional and modern painting in Europe.

"What is Japanese painting?" lies at the heart of SHINAGAWA's artistic exploration. Drawing from the essence, form, and mediums of traditional Japanese painting, including ink painting and the historic kinpeki style that emerged during the Muromachi period, he infuses fresh energy into the realm of modern Japanese art. By deftly combining natural mineral pigments, animal glue, ink, silver foil, gold paint, and other traditional Japanese materials, alongside contemporary acrylic pigments and modern painting mediums, he orchestrates a harmonious fusion. Through his ingenious blend of materials, techniques, and ideas, he transcends regional and formal boundaries, reshaping the panorama of contemporary Japanese painting.

In SHINAGAWA's artworks, gold paint is commonly seen as a base element, with flowers and plants serving as prominent motifs. His paintings exude a striking sense of ornamental quality and floral symbolism, epitomizing key characteristics of Japanese art. For instance, the elegant simplicity of White Camellia elicits captivating pleasantness, while Cherry Blossom and Pine integrate abstract lines that convey a dynamic fluidity. These floral portrayals not only capture the exquisite beauty of blossoming flowers but also encapsulate the ephemeral cycle of life, from bloom to decay.

According to SHINAGAWA, his recent artistic exploration has revolved around the themes of "time" and "narrative." He has started incorporating birds into his paintings, seamlessly weaving them into imaginative background compositions. This newfound approach represents a departure from his previous artistic ventures. To his delight, he discovered that this inclusion added a sense of "depth" to his art, and as he experimented with different colors, distinct emotions emerged, igniting pure joy in the process of creation. Furthermore, he is pushing the envelope of monochrome paintings, particularly those executed in "ink". As a tradition rooted in Zen Buddhist monk practices, Japanese ink painting has long embraced the profound symbolism and aesthetic implications inherent in the interplay of black and white. He actively endeavors to unearth new avenues of expression within these inherent limitations.

Ryo SHINAGAWA holds an active presence in the Japanese art scene. Notably, in 2015, he received a commission from the Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Kyoto, to create partition paintings for guest rooms. This project prompted him to contemplate how traditional Japanese art forms such as hanging scrolls and partition door paintings could detach from their traditional contexts and find resonance within modern architectural spaces. It further sparked his reflection on the survival and relevance of Japanese painting in the ever-evolving modern art world. In recent years, SHINAGAWA's solo exhibitions have graced esteemed venues such as the MITSUKOSHI CONTEMPORARY GALLERY (Tokyo), the Ginza TSUTAYA Books (Tokyo), and the AIR Kamo Nasu (Kyoto). Additionally, he has been entrusted with numerous commissioned works. Notable projects include the Kenninji Temple Ryosokuin (Kyoto), Shimogamo Saryo (Kyoto), Marriott Hotel Karuizawa (Nagano), Japan Airlines (Tokyo), Tokiwabashi Tower (Tokyo), and DMG MORI (Mie Prefecture), among others. These varied engagements serve as testaments to his prolific footprint in the art community.

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