Ink Wanderers

ESLITE GALLERY is pleased to present Ink Wanderers, featuring selected works by LEE An-cheng, LAI Chih-Sheng and Su-Mei TSE, from June 4 to June 25, 2022. In artistic creation, a heavy use of black often suggests a veil of mystery and imparts a sense of calmness and serenity, as a singular color tone guides us to examine the details and ponder the meaning behind a painting.

  • Exhibition Period:4 June – 25 June 2022
  • Address:ESLITE GALLERY ∣ B1, No. 88, Yanchang Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110055, Taiwan

LEE An-cheng’s ink wash paintings are not meant to imitate or converse with the classics but are rather intuitive perception of the nature he is in, distilling and transforming what he sees, feels, and comprehends into imagery that occupies a space in between the figurative and the abstract. With his unique black-and-white ink shading technique, he lays out a misty ethereal world, reminiscent of the vast expanse of the Yunlin Plain, the moist landscape of Keelung’s mountains and seas, and the ever-changing seasonal beauties in Yangmingshan, Xindian and Danshui areas. The feeling of the changes of the sun and the moon in the mountains are reflection of his state of mind, emotion, or temperament at different times.

Artworks by LAI Chih-Sheng are a conceptual creative practice associated with comprehension. They provide us with a field of view of the world we live in—an actual perception and direct experience of being there. The iterative intertwining of the reality of life and aesthetic experience allow us to engender new feelings of familiarity that’s at the moment. LAI wrote in his artist statement for his work One: “When I paint, this is what I am looking for.” To him, the black line at the bottom edge of the white paper is pure visual beauty—no embellishment, just a full-bodied ink that steadily sets the tone of his work.

Viewing Su-Mei TSE’s art is often like attending a silent party by yourself. You are stripped of the hustle and bustle of reality which permits you to gain a brief moment to reflect and settle down. Your silent memories and intimate feelings and thoughts also quietly emerge from the subconscious, catching a breath during that stolen time you are engrossed in appreciating the work. Schmerzhafte Zwischentöne (2009~2010) is, to a certain extent, the journey of TSE’s self-identification. The black ink marks symbolizing musical notes have lost their way in their supposed staff positions. These notes that should have meanings are floating in an unknown plane, ambiguous and at a loss, yet existent and difficult to ignore.

Ink Wanderers attempts to delve into the artists’ deciphering and interpretation of “ink” from the perspective of the medium. As they draw from their personal life experiences to create, they also enable us to move beyond our perception of ink wash. We invite you to appreciate the distance between us and “ink” more closely, wander in the pure color tone, and create your own sensory experience.