Jimmy Liao: Murmurs in the Studio

ESLITE GALLERY is proud to present Jimmy Liao-Murmurs in the Studio from March 5 to March 31, 2021. This is our first collaboration with the famed illustrator Jimmy LIAO. Echoing the extraordinary COVID-19 times, we have selected more than 90 works from Jimmy, including some drawings that have never been shown before, as well as 37 original works from the Thank you, Furry Bunny, for a wonderful afternoon series created by Jimmy inspired by the 2003 SARS epidemic

  • Exhibition Period:5 March – 10 April 2021
  • Address:ESLITE GALLERY ∣ B1, No. 88, Yanchang Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110055, Taiwan

The havoc wrought by disease is sublimated into poetic images

The Furry Bunny series depicts everyone escaping from the abandoned city engulfed by a plague. The once little girl has become an old lady and is reunited with the Furry Bunny in the deserted zoo. The Furry Bunny awakens the dormant little girl inside the old lady and brings her to relive a magical sweet dream.

Bandage Horse, Piggy that Skips Class, A Fish That Smiled at Me… characters in Jimmy’s stories leap into the gallery

The protagonists in Paradise Lost speak for the wounded hearts in their unique ways. Some are shy and lonely, some are worldly and precocious, some have lost their childhood, and some spend their days seeking unknowable answers… Their innocence lays bare the confusion we’ve all had in our hearts. All of our emotions that are not understood are granted solace in Paradise Lost.

Enticing blue in surreal scenes

The exhibition delves deeper into Jimmy’s studio, focusing on works with cooler tones and shades of grey. Some protagonists in the drawing are sitting lonely in a dark corner, while some are wandering in a dark forest with no end in sight, frightened and uneasy. The vulnerability of the innermost workings of their hearts is known only by themselves as they face the cruelty of the world alone in forgotten corners.

Jimmy uses color markers, acrylic paint and watercolor to produce the monochromatic black-and-white scenes. The drawings make no direct reference to death or loss, but rather an abundance of emotional expression through the exquisite presentation of his wonderfully crafted illustrations. You may be familiar with the warm and therapeutic side of Jimmy, but we invite you to look at things differently and explore the inner worlds conveyed by Jimmy’s drawings from the selected works on display seen through the lens of contemporary challenges.