Artist News丨TONG Yang-Tze, Paul CHIANG, LIN Yan, Fu-sheng KU, Michael LIN, CAI Guo-Qiang, XU Bing

Exhibitions featuring the works by TONG Yang-tze and Paul CHIANG voted among the Ten Best Publicly-funded Exhibitions of 2020 by Artist magazine

Moving Ink: Tong Yang-Tze installation view ©TFAM

Moving Ink: Tong Yang-Tze presents Tong’s works from the 1960s to the present, chronicling the evolution of her calligraphy through different periods. Curated in a time sequence, the exhibition showcases the artist’s creative process, as the selected works epitomize the artistic development of “modern calligraphy”.

Paul Chiang: A Retrospective installation view ©TFAM

Paul Chiang: A Retrospective features Chiang’s abstract creative process from the 1960s to the present day. From living in the US for more than 30 years, to returning to Taiwan in 1999 and settling down in Taitung in 2008, his life experiences of migration has led him to create series of works teeming with different styles and visuals. His diverse artistic vocabularies are fully presented in the retrospective.

On view: LIN Yan at VillageOne Space

LIN Yan, 202002#6, 2020, Ink, rice paper on premier artists’ panel, 30.5 x 30.5 cm

Group exhibition A Tale of Two Cities features Lin Yan and three other artists at the VillageOne Space in New York. The exhibition traverses abstraction by mining the ground of contemporary minimalism and color-field painting, while exploring the detailed textures and materiality of art materials.

  • Exhibition: A Tale of Two Cities
  • Dates: 15 November 2020ー15 January 2021
  • Venue: VillageOne Space丨New York, USA

On view: Fu-sheng KU and TONG Yang-Tze featured at Asia University Museum of Modern Art

Fu-Sheng KU, Over The Mountain, 2013, Oil on canvas, 117 x 152 cm

Initiation: The Dawn of Taiwanese Artists staged at the Asia University Museum of Modern Art presents the development of modern art in Taiwan. The exhibition celebrates the artistic achievements of teachers and students from the Department of Fine Arts of National Taiwan Normal University from the 1950s to the 1970s. Featuring more than 80 works from 38 artists wielding different mediums, the exhibition shows how these artists broke out of the conservative shell and system at the time and challenged the possibilities of different mediums. Their innovative spirit made waves in Taiwan’s art development.

Initiation : The Dawn of Taiwanese Artists installation view丨Courtesy of Asia University Museum of Modern Art
  • Exhibition: Initiation : The Dawn of Taiwanese Artists
  • Dates: 31 October 2020ー28 February 2021
  • Venue: Asia University Museum of Modern Art丨Taichung, Taiwan

Michael LIN’s solo exhibition Archipelago opens at Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto

Archipelago installation view

Michael Lin’s Archipelago is staged in the first-floor public space and on the outdoor building of MOCA Toronto. Archipelago is intended to be composed of a chain of separate, but related, islands. Presented as installations with fabric patterns in MOCA, Lin’s arrangement of the islands follow the direction of the spaces, juxtaposing the architectural space and florals to create spaces that feel both softer and more tranquil. Visitors are invited to position themselves within an island to take a rest or communicate with others, and to reconsider their perception of the space around them.

  • Exhibition: Archipelago
  • Dates: 08 November 2020—28 March 2021
  • Venue: MOCA Toronto丨Toronto, Canda

CAI Guo-Qiang’s exhibition kicks off at Palace Museum in Beijing

Odyssey and Homecoming installation view丨Photo by Lin Yi, Courtesy of Cai Studio

Odyssey and Homecoming is Cai Guo-Qiang’s solo exhibition at the Meridian Hall of the Palace Museum in Beijing. The exhibition is one of the cultural activities of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. A total of 180 works by Cai are on display in the form of dialogues between Eastern and Western civilizations. It features selected works from his recent An Individual’s Journey through Western Art History, as well as works inspired by the Winter Olympics and the Forbidden City.

  • Exhibition: Cai Guo-Qiang: Odyssey and Homecoming
  • Dates: 15 December 2020—05 February 2021
  • Venue: Meridian Hall of the Palace Museum丨Beijing, China

XU Bing commissioned to design the label for the 2018 vintage of Château Mouton Rothschild

Image from: Chateau Mouton Rothschild

Xu Bing’s artwork for the 2018 Mouton Rothschild label is illustrated in Square Word Calligraphy, which resembles traditional Chinese characters but is actually composed of the Latin alphabet spelling out MOUTON ROTHSCHILD. Through this unique calligraphy he invented, Xu demonstrates his linguistic creativity by incorporating foreign words into the codes of traditional Chinese ideography, allowing the script to absorb the ideology of traditional Chinese characters.