Artist News丨“Nested”ー Su-Mei Tse’s first solo exhibition at Yuz Museum in Shanghai until Mar. 24, 2019

The question of the appearance of meaning, or its evanescence, is at the heart of the work of Su-Mei Tse. The simplicity of the forms the artist produces contrasts with their evocative power, with the plurality of the readings that emanate from them. Her works often seem to crystallise, in the guise of an “image”, an impression, an emotion or a remembrance – those intense and fleeting experiences, which, as in the title of one of her artworks, constitute the “dizziness of life”. In the same way, they also explore the ability of images, objects and sounds to trigger the imagination of the viewer.

Su-Mei Tse, Gewisse Rahmenbedingungen 3 (A Certain Frame Work 3 – Villa Farnesina), 2015-2017, Video, 3’51″, loop
Su-Mei Tse, Vertigen de la Vida (Dizziness of Life), 2011, In collaboration with Jean-Lou Majerus, Moving sculpture with sound, brass, glass, step motors, synchronized sound system, pedestal, Sculpture: 95 x 75 x 75 cm, Pedestal: 121 x 50 x 50 cm, Music in collaboration with Giancarlo Vulcano (© Photo: Rémi Villaggi / Mudam Luxembourg)
Su-Mei Tse, Stone Collection II, 2018, Found stones on pedestals, wood, sand, Various dimensions
  • Exhibition: Nested
  • Dates: 12.28, 2018ー03.24, 2019
  • Venue: Yuz Museum, Shanghai, China