JENG Jundian: Unknown Garden

  • Exhibition Period:18 – 20 January 2019
  • Address:Taipei Dangdai∣ESLITE GALLERY booth B14
    Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 (4th Floor)
    No. 1, Jingmao 2nd Road, Nangang District, Taipei City
  • Opening:17:00-21:00, Thu, January 17th

ESLITE GALLERY is pleased to present “Jeng Jundian: Unknown Garden” in the first edition of Taipei Dangdai, featuring approximately 25 new sketches, figurative paintings and color-line paintings the artist made between 2016 and 2018.

“The city life is full of hustle and bustle, crowdedness, violence, pornography, pollution, as well as indifference, selfishness, snobbishness and hypocrisy. People forget the smell of earth and air. What is love? Everyone is at a loss, because it doesn’t exist anymore.” From color-line to figurative works, Jeng Jundian has demonstrated the stamina, determination and willpower of a marathoner by pressing on with painting for more than three decades. His deliberations on light, composition, spatiality slowly crystalize into classic themes such as portrait, still life and landscape. Elegant and affectionate, his strokes, lines and color divulge the poetics of everyday life. Lost in time but not in tide, Jeng pushes new frontiers at his own pace, while remaining steadfast in the belief of painting in an era when the contemporary art market is erratic and uncertain.

Wild plants by the roadside, wilted cut flowers, rocks in the yard… these are sceneries so mundane that they are often neglected by busy urbanites. However, they represent an opportunity for Jeng to seek his artistic voyage and to bring on a “poetic fight” against the current. In “Unknown Garden,” those who are willing to linger will be rewarded with a rare sense of tranquility, purified by the exuberance of life, bold spirit and unwavering resilience that shimmer deep in Jeng’s serene images.

JENG Jundian

JENG Jundian’s elegant and simple fragments of color lines recall the flowing contours in portrait sketches as well as the lines created by the cun method in Chinese ink painting. Essentially his paintings show a new relationship between the complimentary colors, light and space of Impressionism. They also challenged Kandinsky’s theory of “dot, line and surface.” Though so repetitive and orderly that there seems to be a lack of emotion at first glance, JENG’s horizontal and perpendicular geometric lines in fact provide a new direction to painting. By infusing new life to his “color lines,” JENG Jundian has established a unique painting style with fragmented color linesthat overlap to compose bodies, landscapes and objects of sensitivity and sensibility.