Art Beijing | WANG Yuping

Art Beijing 2018 | WANG Yuping solo exhibition

  • Exhibition Period:29 Apr 2018 – 02 May 2018
  • Address:Booth B17-18 / Agricultural Exhibition Centre of China (New Hall,Hall 3)
  • Opening Hours:Sunday, April 29, 2018, 6PM-10PM

Art Beijing 2018 | WANG Yuping solo exhibition

WANG Yuping

Born and raised in Beijing, Wang Yuping feels great affections for the south town he grew up in. In view of his passion for the common life of ordinary people, Feng Boyi refers his works to the plebeian version of the Japanese Ukiyo-e. WANG typically blends acrylic, oil pastel, oil paint on handcrafted paper, and according to Fan Di-an, this mixture allows the color patches to maintain their loose and random feature.

Lately WANG focuses on painting from life, with subjects ranging from the scenes of old Beijing to trivial objects such as books, jars, typewriter, and corks. WANG brings forward the intimate, calm, warm yet melancholy nature of ordinary objects. In his paintings there are no sharp lines, no accurate shape, no standard perspective. His subjects are reduced to clouds of saturated and pure color, and their fuzzy fringes make them seem as if they have been scrupulously caressed. According to YU Ding, it is the sincere wish to communicate with one’s surrounding environment that drives WANG to paint from life. It is also the artist’s personal choice to divert from trends in contemporary art that restlessly place focus on innovative media, languages, and styles. From 2004 to 2006 WANG returned to his alma mater Central Academy of Fine Arts of China to teach. As he painted along with his students, he found once again the pleasure of painting. He says: “In art today, there is too much talk of ideas and viewpoints, but my greatest pleasure is still painting in itself. When we are young and we pick up the brush for the first time and we start painting, it is because we love it. After all the years of training, study and reflection in art, however, painting is no longer as enjoyable as before. Over-emphasizing innovation has become a spiritual burden, and the pleasure we felt when we held the brush for that very first time has disappeared”. WANG’s works are the traces of his quest for genuineness in art.